Tööandjate Keskliit

Kite Fly 2014


Swissotel 13 March 2014

The conference will be interpreted into English. 


The engine of economics functions solely due to the efforts of working people. Not all engines, however, work equally well. The result depends on three variables: the number of employees, their competence and how well they are managed.

The number of working people is rapidly decreasing: some go abroad, some retire and some become unfit for work. According to a study of the competitiveness of the countries of the world, Estonia is last in terms of available qualified workforce.

Fewer employees do not only mean a greater burden on each taxpayer. Fewer employees also mean greater salary expenses for entrepreneurs. However, it is important to remember that it is entrepreneurs who provide the welfare and actualize the potential of employees. What is to be done, then?

There are not many options. It is necessary to find people, facilitate their development and training, treat them with care and rationally manage their work. The “Flight of the Kite 2014” conference focuses on the working person as the most important economic resource in Estonia.

The topics planned for “Flight of the Kite 2014”: 

• How to attract more people with limited work capacity to the labour market?
• Is providing more flexible working conditions a good solution?
• Are the restrictions on importing workers from abroad appropriate?
• Who is responsible for lifelong learning and retraining?
• How is it possible to increase investments in the health of employees?
The annual “Flight of the Kite 2014” conference gathers company managers, policy-makers, state officials, scholars and journalists, as well as anyone interested in the development of Estonia.