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Invitation to join the Employer Innovation Start-Up Chamber “TIKK”

The Estonian Employers’ Confederation (EEC) has issued a call to action for all of its current and prospective members – join a circle of companies consciously engaged in innovation – the Employer Innovation Start-Up Chamber “TIKK”.

Today, Estonia enjoys an excellent starting position for increasing the proportion of research and development and innovation. Our experience and survey results also show that Estonian companies increasingly give priority to innovation, which creates a great foundation for the increased application of scientific accomplishments in practice. It was the feedback of entrepreneurs, specifically, that prompted the Estonian Employers’ Confederation to establish the Employer Innovation Start-Up Chamber, in order to be an excellent partner to companies, research institutions and the state. The cooperation of these three parties is crucial for the success of the plan.

Through the Employer Innovation Start-Up Chamber you are in touch with and can have a say in topics which help you grow your business:

  • The latest information on Estonian and European product research and development financing opportunities (see the Estonian research and development and innovation financing opportunities).
  • A contact network of Estonian research and development institutions that consciously contribute to the innovation of their products and services.
  • A straight-from-the-source overview of the innovation-supporting activities of the Republic of Estonia, and an opportunity to affect the criteria of these measures with your opinion – we provide regular direct contact and meetings with the Enterprise Estonia Innovation Agency and other state partners.
  • We organise the sharing of the best practice of managing and implementing innovation from entrepreneur to entrepreneur on three main topics: the digital revolution, innovation revolution, and the green revolution.

Call to action for an entrepreneur appreciating innovation

You represent the most entrepreneurial part of society – let us properly kickstart product and service innovation in Estonia, let us restart the state’s innovation programme, and let us create new momentum for the competitiveness of the Estonian economy, together.

What else could serve as a better platform for launching your company’s product and service innovation and research cooperation, if not the Employer Innovation Start-Up Chamber.

Become a member of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation and participate in the activities of the Innovation Start-Up Chamber. To do so, send an e-mail to raul@employers.ee. If you are not yet a member of the EEC, you can read about membership status and fill in a membership application here.

The next members’ meeting of the Innovation Start-Up Chamber is set to take place at 9.30 on 3 September (as an online meeting). To join the meeting please write an e-mail to raul.aron@employers.ee.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to provide explanations and discuss cooperation opportunities.

Best regards
Ivo Suursoo
Member of the Council of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation

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