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Employers successful in attracting interns

The Praktik Cum Laude competition organised by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation encourages both young people and employers to make an effort in order to stand out on the labour market. The level at this year’s competition was extremely high, with nearly half of the 46 applicants submitted receiving a job offer from their internship enterprise.

The highest number of applicants was in the higher education category, with the highest number of interns in the construction and medical sector. In both areas, labour shortages are extensive and enterprises are seen to be investing in training local young people. However, this alone is not enough, and professionals from outside Estonia will continue to be needed. Consequently, four categories have been recognised: higher education studies, on-the-job education, and vocational training. In addition to the category for the best foreign student.

Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna recognised the best interns and thanked the internship supervisors. ‘An internship is an excellent way to apply what you have learned at school, acquire new skills, and make mistakes in a safe environment,’ Kersna said. ‘Feedback from employers is extremely valuable for both interns and institutions.’

Piret Buldas, the best intern in vocational education, completed her internship at Cybernetica AS as a junior software developer studying at Tallinn Industrial Education Centre.

The best intern with regard to on-the-job education, Anatoli Smorodin, is studying carpentry at Tallinn Construction School and passed the required internship at EFC NORGE AS as part of on-the-job education.

This year, two prizes were awarded in the higher education category. As a student of road construction at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Rauno Sepp completed an internship at Verston OÜ; and Kaisa Mumma, a student of pharmacy at Tallinn Health Care College, completed an internship at Lennujaama Apteek OÜ.

The best intern in the category of foreign students, Amina Alimbekova, is studying chemistry and materials science at the University of Tartu and completed her internship at Ericsson Eesti AS.

Martin Paberit was voted the people’s favourite as part of an online social media vote, with a record 1092 votes. Martin is studying to become an aircraft maintenance technician through on-the-job education, which means that he is learning a lot of aircraft secrets on the job at Magnetic MRO and the rest at the Estonian Aviation Academy.

‘Enterprises value interns who, in addition to their professional knowledge, are hard-working and curious,’ said Arto Aas, CEO of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation. According to him, the best interns blended so well into the collective that several of them were presented with an offer for long-term cooperation. ‘The best interns have the best supervisors behind them, which is why we also recognise mentors from workplaces and schools at the competition,’ Aas emphasised.

As part of the competition, the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Ülemiste City also awarded their prizes to supervisors of internships. Supervisors will receive open university gift vouchers, which they can use to select courses of their choice.

‘Internships are an important part of our studying process and we successfully implement on-the-job education. We are pleased to be involved in recognising those who contribute to the internship sector in partnership with enterprises and schools. We would like to thank the enterprises that have successfully given opportunities to interns in their work,’ said Mait Rungi, Rector of the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.

View the applicants and their stories HERE.

The Praktik Cum Laude competition is organised by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research and the Education and Youth Board for the sixth time. The project is funded by the European Social Fund, the Republic of Estonia, and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

Photos of the event by Aron Urb.

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