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Best internship providers announced

The winners of the competition ‘Best Internship Provider’ organised by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation have been announced. The main prize was earned by AS G4S Eesti. 

The company won thanks to its active participation in the development of curricula in the field of security systems engineering, the organisation of job-based learning, systematic supervision of trainees and job-based learners, and the mentoring system established in the company to support both supervisors and trainees.
In addition to the main prize, the sectoral winners were also announced: the Best Regional Internship Provider – Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ, the Best Small Business Internship Provider – Balti Logistika AS, and the Best Employer Supporting Internships for International Students – Cybernetica AS.

Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna thanked the entrepreneurs who provide internships for vocational and university students and recognised the supervisors from the companies. ‘I am pleased to see that more and more schools are submitting candidates for the ‘Best Internship Provider’ competition. It shows that the cooperation between schools and companies is intensifying and a valuable partner is appreciated,’ Kersna said. ‘After all, an internship is an excellent opportunity to train the next generation, both for your company and for the sector as a whole. Everyone wins – the student, the entrepreneur, and the school,’ the Minister added.  

The aim of the competition is to recognise companies that provide university and vocational students with internships and apprenticeships. Compared to the previous year, there were more candidates – a total of 50 applications were submitted to the competition.

According to Director of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Arto Aas, responsible employers are increasingly thinking through how to make the provision of internships a success.  ‘In a good sense, the intern acts as a mirror for the company – the new person’s insight and questions can highlight areas for improvement and also give the employer a new sense of purpose and ideas,’ he said. ‘The employer can also give feedback to the educational institution on the results of the trainee’s work, as vocational training has to meet the needs of the real labour market,’ the Director of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation added.

The best internships were selected in four categories: the main prize, or recognition as the Best Internship Provider, was awarded to an employer who has systematically and consistently engaged in the provision of internship and workplace-based learning and has shared their knowledge with others. The award for the Best Regional Internship Provider was earned by an employer whose activities have also created value for the local community. Recognition for the Best Small Business Internship Provider was given to an employer who, despite their small size, addresses the topic systematically and consistently and sees it as an opportunity to grow their business. In addition, an award was given to the Best Employer Supporting Internships for International Students.

The competition was held for the sixth year. In previous years, the following employers have received recognition: Magnetic MRO AS, PCC Projekt AS, Eesti Energia AS, SEB Pank, ABB AS, SA Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla, Swedbank AS, Naudingumaitse OÜ, Wendre AS, Fortaco Estonia OÜ, TOP Marine OÜ, Hanza Mechanics Tartu AS and Gurmeeklubi OÜ, Ericsson Eesti AS, Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Velvet OÜ, Wermo AS, and SA Pärnu Haigla.

In addition to the award, the employer who has received recognition as the Best Internship Provider will be presented with a special label to use on their website, in promotional materials, and publications. The competition is organised by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation in cooperation with the Education and Youth Board and the Ministry of Education and Research. The competition is funded by the Republic of Estonia, the European Social Fund, and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

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